In the ever-changing landscape of business, adaptability and innovative thinking are crucial for growth. We chat with a Villi Tosi from Homely in New Zealand who is redefining the norm in the real estate and property management industry. He shares his insights into their unique business model that prioritises quality over quantity.

Villi highlights the challenges faced in the real estate market, including the impact of rising interest rates and increasing compliance requirements. These challenges led them to question the “normal” approach and inspired the creation of a new business model.

In this model, property managers are treated as independent contractors (referred to as Independent Property Managers or IPMs). This allows them to build their portfolios, operate flexibly, and take ownership of their work.

He emphasises the need for this shift, as there are high turnover rates in the industry and the negative impact on client trust. By giving property managers the flexibility to build their portfolios and work independently, they’ve created an environment that’s supports the goal of long-term success both in business and team culture.

There’s a major issue of burnout among property managers in the industry and the traditional model of managing a large number of properties often leads to overworked and stressed property managers. To counteract this, the business adopted a cap of 80 properties per property manager focusing on quality rather than quantity.

This approach allows property managers to work more efficiently, maintaining a healthier work-life balance. The flexibility offered by this model  caters to the lifestyle needs of property managers, especially those with family responsibilities and able to enjoy their job or what they do for longer periods of time.

He shares his lessons learned from previous experiences in the industry and the importance of understanding the value of a property rather than focusing solely on quantity. Understanding the value of a property as opposed to just taking on any property is really, really key. It’s about the value of that property and what it brings to you in your business and also to your staff.

In a business world where we can face change and challenges, embracing innovative models and prioritising quality over quantity can pave the way for long term growth and success.

Adapting business models to align with the needs of professionals and your business culture can lead to a more sustainable future. As we navigate the ever evolving landscape of real estate and property management, the commitment to continuous learning highlights the importance of quality in every aspect of business.


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