Managing Quality Over Quantity with Villi Tosi

Looking for new quality clients?

Or perhaps you may be looking to learn more about unique business models and strategies that might be a good fit for you to implement?

In this episode we speak with Villi Tosi who established Homely Property Management through the desire to provide a unique and tailored service to property investors. He is passionate about property management and not only provides advice to new investors, but assists and supports large investors to achieve their property investment goals.

“Learn, reach out to people and align yourself with a mentor. Whether it’s in the same industry or just someone that can inspire you to do something a little bit differently I think that’s really key.”

Villi Tosi

In this episode we explore:

  • Some of the successes Villi is currently experiencing in his business
  • His approach in business and unique business model quality over quantity
  • How understanding the value of a property is key as opposed to just taking on any property
  • How having the right structure is beneficial for your staff and business
  • How he believes personal development is vital in the industry and his process around compounding time


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