We had the pleasure of chatting with Michelle, the Health and Wellness Director at Stone Real Estate and we delve into the world of real estate with a unique twist! Her journey from homeschooling her children to becoming an integral part of the real estate business is both inspiring and transformative. We explore how Michelle’s innovative approach is reshaping the landscape of property management.

16 years ago, Michelle embarked on a homeschooling journey, dedicating her time to nurturing and educating her 4 children. Meanwhile, her husband was deeply entrenched in the real estate industry. As their kids grew, Michelle decided to join forces with her husband.

Amid the challenges brought on by COVID-19, Michelle obtained her registration, becoming the Business Development Manager (BDM) to organically grow their property management portfolio. However, her true calling revealed itself, leading to the realisation that her brilliance lay in a different arena – health and wellness.

Michelle’s role evolved into the Health and Wellness Director, a position quite unconventional in the real estate industry. Recognising the toll high-stress environments take on mental health, Michelle ventured into the field of nutrition and holistic well-being. Her mission was clear which was to provide support for her colleagues in navigating the often challenging world of real estate while maintaining mental and physical well-being.

Michelle’s approach involves addressing 7 key areas of life – family, financial, social, physical, energy, job or business, and spiritual or service. Through regular 1:1 sessions, she empowers her team to assess and improve these aspects, ensuring a balanced and fulfilled life.

In the world of property management, health and wellness might seem unconventional. However, Michelle seamlessly integrates discussions on health and well-being into team meetings. She shares insights on maintaining a healthy mindset, navigating stress, and fostering work-life balance. The goal is to create a supportive workplace culture that acknowledges the highs and lows of life.

The impact of Michelle’s approach is evident in the positive culture within the office. Team members feel supported, and the understanding of each other’s personal journeys fosters a more empathetic environment. While not every may resonate with this approach, it has significantly contributed to team retention and the overall well-being of those who align with the company’s values.

Michelle acknowledges that not everyone will be receptive to this approach. However, for those who appreciate the emphasis on holistic well-being, it becomes a valuable perk, contributing to long-term team success. 

In the dynamic world of real estate, Michelle’s journey stands out as a testament to the importance of holistic well-being.  Michelle’s unique role shows how a focus on health can transform workplace culture and contribute to the overall success and happiness of a team. As the real estate landscape evolves, perhaps more businesses will consider the profound impact of incorporating health and wellness practices into their business operations.


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