Lessons From a Third Generation Property Manager With Skye Bartlett

Have you wanted to start your own property management business and learn how best to support your team?

Or perhaps you’ve been holding back from taking the leap due to fear or experiencing imposter syndrome?

In this episode, we speak with Skye Bartlett who is a Licensed Estate Agent and is experienced in all facets of the property management industry. She brings to the position of CEO, Director and Senior Property Manager, over 15 years’ experience and an incredible enthusiasm for property management. Skye is dedicated to managing your major assets to maximize your asset security and investment return.

“Ask your Property Managers what they need and what can the people in your office do to help them.”

Skye Bartlett

In this episode we explore:

  • Skye’s journey and how she got started in the industry
  • Changes she has seen in the industry with technology and processes over the years
  • How she juggles her business and family life as a single mum
  • How she went from being introverted to showing up on her social media
  • The benefits she has found from posting on her socials
  • Ways that you could be looking after your property managers better and how this is essential in the business
  • Her belief in Podcasts and conferences to help support her grow and continually learn


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