How to Conduct Your Own Rent Roll Due Diligence With Tarsi Hynes

What is rent roll due diligence and why is it important?

In this episode we chat with Tarsi Hynes who is an expert in Due Diligence and has worked in the real estate industry in all capacities for nearly a quarter of a century, Tarsi is privileged to have been behind the scenes of thousands of businesses. And she gets a thrill from seeing her clients achieve their goals in real estate. Whether that’s exponential growth brought on by obtaining a high-quality rent roll or better understanding the saleable value of their own portfolio, she’s here for that outcome.

“Due diligence is a way of actually finding everything and making sure that you are compliant, that you are adhering to legislation, and that you can also have confident discussions with your property management team to see where they actually need support.”

Tarsi Hynes

In this episode we explore:

  • Tarsi’s life at the moment and what’s currently happening inside her business
  • Understanding Rent Roll diligence and its importance in the industry
  • The Impact of Rent Roll Due Diligence in Real Estate
  • The Portfolio Optimisation Due Diligence Blueprint Course
  • How to Make Your Rent Roll More Profitable


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