How to Make More Income as an AirBnb Manager With Hayley Mitchell

We can all go through life’s challenges but it’s how you choose to show up after the hard times that can define you and our guest Hayley Mitchell is a testament to that!

Hayley is an industry legend who has built a successful career working in all facets of Property Management including owning her own business. She is a fully licensed Estate Agent and has won numerous awards including REIV Property Manager of the year twice, and was named one of Elite Agents top 50 Industry influencers in 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2022. She now shares her knowledge with others through her training and Events Company – MitchellPT as well as running BnB Property Managers. Hayley has three Airbnb’s of her own so you are in great hands with Hayley’s experience and knowledge.

“I would suggest practicing on yourself or a really, really good client because you don’t want to go in and get 10 properties and stuff it up.”

Hayley Mitchell

In this episode we explore:

  • Hayley’s recent life update being a single mum and managing her business
  • How Hayley pivoted to start into the Airbnb industry
  • The process and steps to take if you would like to add Airbnb’s to your portfolio and the day to day tasks
  • An insight into the income you can achieve by managing Airbnb’s
  • Hayley’s growth plan and how she will add more to her portfolio with the right clients
  • Hayley’s trainings and courses on how to start Airbnb management
  • Events that she has coming up in 2024


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