We chat with Brock Fisher who is the Executive Manager of Industry and Partnerships at Kolmeo, a leading property software company. Brock brings over two decades of experience in property management and real estate. In this conversation he shares insights into his journey and the importance of workflow in reducing chaos and saving time in Property Management.

Brock joined Rental Express, a business that significantly shaped his career. He played a pivotal role in developing innovative operational strategies, including working with offshore teams, implementing customer satisfaction programs, and contributing to the growth of the business.

Brock then moved to the Real Estate business, managing a vast portfolio of properties. With extensive experience in technology and systems, he transitioned to Kolmeo. His role focuses on leveraging domain expertise to enhance property management software.

Brock delves into the significance of workflow in Property Management. He emphasises the need for clear trigger points and automation to streamline processes and designing workflows with a customer-centric approach, ensuring consistency, repeatability, and removing variability for a high standard of service.

He stresses the importance of well-defined workflows in onboarding new team members. He discusses the challenges of Property Management churn and the role of workflows in reducing confusion, setting expectations, and expediting the time to competency for new hires.

For businesses without advanced digital tools, he suggests simple flowcharts to create concise, one-page guides for key processes. This ensures accessibility, clarity, and adaptability in an ever-evolving industry.

Determining the process flowchart unveils the consistency operations. Consistency is a game-changer, especially when contemplating offshore assistance or other efficiency-boosting methods. It ensures that everyone is on the same page, avoiding discrepancies in executing tasks.

Kolmeo is a property management software that stands out in the market. Kolmeo’s roots trace back to AgentPlus, a server-based program designed for large-scale property management businesses. The key differentiator is its workflow-first approach, emphasising efficiency and understanding the unique needs of large-scale operations.

Kolmeo introduces the concept of requests, which encapsulates tasks and related processes. It acts as a comprehensive to-do list, incorporating everything from documentation and emails to SMS within each request. This creates a powerful and accessible library of information, ensuring transparency and easy retrieval of historical data.

Switching to Kolmeo might seem daunting, but the platform’s extensive experience in large-scale migrations ensures a smooth transition.  Kolmeo addresses common challenges associated with other off-the-shelf property management products, making it a viable option for businesses aiming to consolidate and simplify their tech stack.

The Property Management landscape is evolving and embracing tools like Kolmeo and insights from management can propel businesses toward greater efficiency, consistency, and success.


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