How Property Management Workflow Can Reduce Chaos and Save You Hours of Time With Brock Fisher

Do you know the difference between a workflow and a process?

In this episode, we are going to geek out and talk about Workflow and Property Management software. Our special guest Brock Fisher is currently the Executive Manager of Industry and Partnerships at the Property Management software company Kolmeo and he shares some game-changing tactics that can help with efficiency in your business and with clients and how to save time.

“So often people move into a management role, and they’re just intent on finding anything that anyone’s doing incorrectly and correcting it, and they don’t actually look for the moments to give praise. And I think that’s actually a much more powerful way to lead and to build rapport with your team.”

Brock Fisher

In this episode we explore:

  • Brock’s journey and how he started in the Property Management space and how he felt about being around a lot of feminine energy
  • Workflow and the processes you use in your business from the different trigger points, key contacts, customer experiences, lease renewals, tenant workflows and more.
  • How to get started and implement Workflow into your business
  • Kolmeo’s journey and how it’s different to other software and platforms
  • Personal development tools that he has found impactful for himself, business and team


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