In the world of property management, success stories often emerge from unique paths. We are excited to share the inspiring journey of Nikki, a property investor from New Zealand where we discuss her transition from a self-managed landlord to a thriving property management business owner.

Nikki was intrigued by the property industry, and her and her partner delved into property investing acquiring several rental properties that they self-managed.

Nikki, a firm believer in hands-on management, decided to turn her expertise into a business and RPM Rental Management was born. The transition from a self-managed investor to a property management business owner came naturally for Nikki. Leveraging her existing network and affiliations, she strategically positioned herself as a property manager catering specifically to investors. Her approach involved understanding the elements of managing properties from an investor’s perspective, a unique differentiator in a competitive market.

Her journey took a remarkable turn when she applied for the Landlord of the Year award by the New Zealand Property Investors Federation. Despite tough competition, she emerged as one of the six finalists, ultimately claiming the Rent Skills Supreme Award. This award not only boosted her confidence but also significantly impacted her business growth.

Her commitment to caring for tenants and providing a comprehensive house manual set her apart in the industry. She acknowledges the power of social media and plans to leverage platforms like Instagram to build her online presence. 

In addition to her remarkable achievements, Nikki shares a valuable piece of advice based on her personal journey. Recognizing the impact of personal well-being on business success, she emphasizes the importance of having a coach. Nikki’s recent revelation about perimenopause prompted her to seek a life coach, helping her navigate challenges and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Nikki’s journey from a self-managed landlord to an award-winning property manager is a testament to the transformative power of passion, dedication, and strategic thinking. As she continues to impact the property management landscape, Nikki serves as an inspiration for other aspiring entrepreneurs in the industry.


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