Has your year turned out different to what you expected?

I share with you some of the powerful lessons I’ve learnt this year along with personal growth that I’ve encountered along the way.

Lesson 1: Embrace Flexibility for Business Evolution

At the start of 2023, my well-laid plans took an unexpected turn when a crucial deal fell through. Instead of letting it derail me, I embraced the need for flexibility in business. Pivoting became the name of the game. This experience taught me the importance of adapting to unforeseen circumstances, a skill crucial in the ever-changing landscape of property management and in business.

Lesson 2: Growth Thrives in Uncomfortable Spaces

This year, I confronted a fear that had lingered for over two decades: public speaking. Stepping on stage after 21 years was nerve-wracking, but the experience revealed the power of getting uncomfortable. Facing fears head-on opens the door to personal and professional expansion, as I rediscovered in my own journey.

Lesson 3: Digital Marketing Is A Necessity for Business Growth

Embracing online marketing is not just beneficial; it’s essential. I’ve long believed in the power of digital marketing, and this year reinforced this belief. The online space offers so many opportunities for brand awareness and lead acquisition. 



Lesson 4: Personal Development Matters

Stepping back into my real estate business this year brought a flood of challenges to my mindset. The journey highlighted the importance of ongoing personal development and a resilient mindset. Regular practices such as exercise, meditation, and mindful thinking became crucial tools in navigating the occasional self-doubt and negativity that I found myself having from time to time.


Lesson 5: Having A Business Break Is Invaluable

Taking an extended break, (rare in my working life), turned out to be an invaluable reset button. The four weeks away I had, provided not only a chance to recharge but also a new perspective on my business. The clarity and renewed energy gained from breaking routine has allowed me to have further innovative ideas for the business and come back into some balance.


As I plan for 2024, armed with the lessons of 2023, I’m excited to share new and improved courses, training, and content with all of you – keep an eye out! And stay tuned for more insights and inspiration on your property management journey!


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