The Must-Have Property Management Tech for 2023 with Courtney Hill

We live in a world of continuous innovation, with tech companies developing smart devices and incredible tools that make you want to buy them all. But how do you know these tools are what you need and if the problems they fix are relevant to your business?

In this episode of The Property Management Podcast, Kylie chats with Courtney Hill, National Sales Manager at InspectRealEstate. This global software company specializes in tech solutions for the real estate industry. 

Tune in to discover the top tech trends you need in 2023 and learn how to use technology to build better relationships with your customers.

“What I see as the real trend, especially for this year, is an understanding in our industry that technology is there to support you to build relationships with your customers.”

– Courtney Hill

In This Episode:

  • Meet Courtney Hill, National Sales Manager at InspectRealEstate
  • Top tech trends that we need to be aware of this year
  • New product from InspectRealEstate that is revolutionizing the industry
  • How does Trust Accounting work?
  • The biggest problems in the property management industry right now 
  • Recommended resources for personal development


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