In the fast-paced world of property management, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage; it’s essential for success. With nearly three decades of experience under her belt, Jo stands as a beacon of innovation and insight in the industry. Her journey from a novice property manager to a seasoned consultant and entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring. Today, she shares with us her insights and the game-changing tool she’s developed: Flusso.

Jo’s story begins with a shock—a realization that the property management industry lacked the structure and continuity she expected. Armed with a background in business, she embarked on a journey of discovery, determined to revolutionise the way property management was done. Through years of experience, both in Australia and overseas, she honed her skills, learning from every facet of the industry.

One of the enduring challenges Jo faced, then and now, is the struggle to balance productivity with the never-ending demands of the job. Property managers often find themselves overwhelmed, mistaking busyness for productivity. But Jo saw through this illusion, advocating for a shift towards true productivity and efficient task management.

Reflecting on her early days in the industry, Jo recalls the transition from manual processes to digital solutions. Property management software became indispensable, offering a streamlined approach to data management and client communication. However, the true game-changer came with advancements in inspection technology. Gone were the days of subjective assessments; modern tools allowed for meticulous inspection reports, providing indisputable evidence for landlords and tenants alike.

But Jo didn’t stop there. Recognising the need for a proactive approach to task management, she delved into the world of PropTech, ultimately creating Flusso. Derived from the Italian word for “flow,” Flusso embodies Jo’s vision of seamless, efficient property management. It’s not just another software platform—it’s a paradigm shift.

At its core, Flusso empowers property managers to take control of their workflows like never before. With customisable templates and automated task assignments, it streamlines operations and reduces the mental load on property managers. Tasks are delegated intelligently, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks, even when team members are away or transitioning roles.

Moreover, Flusso prioritises transparency and accountability—a cornerstone of exceptional customer service. Clients are kept in the loop every step of the way, building trust and loyalty. And in the rare event of a mistake, Flusso provides clarity and resolution, preventing misunderstandings and fostering stronger client relationships.

But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Flusso is its adaptability. While integration with existing property management software is on the horizon, Flusso’s standalone functionality is a testament to its effectiveness. By focusing on the manual tasks that define property management, Flusso offers a practical solution for today’s challenges, with an eye towards future integration and AI advancements.

As a co-founder of Blue SOS, Jo shared insights into the platform’s development, emphasising its cost-effectiveness compared to traditional property management solutions. By minimizing upfront costs and offering engineered workflows, Blue SOS aims to revolutionise property management by empowering teams to focus on value-adding tasks.

Jo highlighted the versatility of Blue SOS in handling diverse scenarios, such as property listings for sale or lease renewals. By incorporating tailored workflows, the platform ensures efficient management across various client categories, mitigating risks and enhancing client satisfaction.

Discussing the role of technology in driving efficiency, Jo underscored the importance of selecting the right tools to maximise productivity. She emphasised the need for technology that fosters collaboration, transparency, and accountability, citing examples from his experience with rent management software in the United States.

Jo’s insights shed light on the transformative potential of technology in property management, from digitizing key processes to enhancing communication and client engagement. By harnessing innovative solutions, property managers can streamline operations, boost productivity, and deliver exceptional service.

In conclusion, Jo emphasized the importance of embracing change and adopting a proactive approach to innovation in property management. Drawing parallels to his experiences at Disney, he underscored the importance of creating magical experiences for clients through strategic use of technology and workflows.

Kylie echoed Jo’s sentiments, emphasizing the need for property managers to prioritize customer service and adapt to evolving industry trends. She pledged to further explore Flusos’ capabilities and share her insights with her audience, driving awareness and adoption within the industry.

The conversation between Jo and Kylie illuminated the transformative potential of innovative workflows and technology in property management. By embracing change and leveraging the right tools, property managers can enhance efficiency, elevate customer service, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry landscape.


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