The Difference Between Training, Coaching and Consulting for Property Management With Michael Furlong 

As the business owner it’s vital that you maintain relationships with clients to help ensure you are the go to person in your business along with having systems and processes in place to ensure client satisfaction.

In this episode I chat with Michael Furlong who is a Buyers Advocate and started his journey in the Real Estate in 1998. Intrigued by the process and frustrated by the lack of customer service he experienced, he transitioned from his existing career to working with investors and then an Agency Principal himself focusing primarily on sales and project marketing

“Property management is a tough gig. Not always attractive, but it’s made even worse often by the agency, the systems, the processes or the lack thereof. So the very first thing that I’d be making sure if you want to try and increase staff retention is develop a staff retention plan.”

Michael Furlong

In this episode we explore:

  •  Michael’s Journey from Real Estate to Property Management Expert
  • The Importance of Coaching and Having a Support System
  • Maximising Rent Roll: Strategies and Solutions
  • The Role of a Consultant vs. Coach in Property Management
  • The Necessity of External Oversight in Property Management
  •  Preventative Measures and Building Strong Client Relationships
  • Strategies for Improving Staff Retention and Team Dynamics


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