How to Grow 100 Managements in 12 Months With a Personal Brand With Kelly Smyth

Want to learn how to explode your business in a competitive market and become a leading property manager?

In this episode I chat with Kelly Smyth, who shares with us how she created her personal brand and a marketing strategy her clients and contacts could not ignore! Kelly is also the founder of Hunter Property Management – the Hunter Valley’s unique, collaborative property management specialists. At Hunter, they believe in establishing strong relationships with their clients and the communities they serve, and providing a personalised approach to meet their clients unique needs.

“And if you’re confident in your job and what you’re speaking about, then that’s all you need. You just need to know what a break lease is in your state or what a good application looks like. I used to write down every job I did in my role, and I could make a video about every job I did.”

Kelly Smyth

In this episode we explore:

  • Kelly’s background and journey into property management
  • How she created 100 managements in 12 months of starting her business
  • How to how to build a personal brand and multiple connections 
  • Her 9 post strategy and how to create a content strategy that works for you
  • How to get creative and get your brand out there in a competitive industry


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