Digital Marketing – The What, The How, The Why

Traditional marketing methods for real estate are dying off, just like the dinosaurs did millions of years ago, and it’s time to embrace the future of marketing. Start using a cheaper, more effective way to reach audiences you previously never had access to, attract more quality leads, and grow your business faster through digital marketing. 

If you’re new to digital marketing and unsure where to start, this episode gives you the foundation. Discover the WHAT, the HOW, and the WHY of digital marketing. So let’s dive in!

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Digital marketing evens out the playing field in your industry and allows you to compete with the bigger brands

Kylie Walker

In This Episode:

– What exactly is digital marketing? Discover the seven types of digital marketing that are relevant to the real estate industry and why SEO is important for digital marketing

– How do you start navigating the digital landscape?

– Why do you want to utilize digital marketing?

– And more!!!


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