So let’s talk about why I started a pm membership. It’s called PM Accelerate and it pretty much a one stop shop for all your property management training and support. When I started my real estate business I remember feeling so alone, so very stressed, and extremely chaotic.

Let me give you some backstory here … I had four kids under 5, I had just moved to a new town where I knew no one and had no support (this is not a sympathy pitch I just want you to understand where I am coming from) … I was working in the media and started a property management and signed a lease on an office space and weeks later our home got flooded in the 2011 floods here in QLD… the office was metres away from going under too. We spent months living in a motel room … trying to get our house liveable and I was one of the lucky ones our insurance company covered us .. and we helped a lot of local landlords with their properties after the floods which helped us grow the business … once the managements started growing I was able to quit my media job and work in the business fulltime which I loved because it meant I could be there fro school drop offs and pick ups and got to watch weekend sports … I love my sport and watching my kids play sport has been something I’ve been so grateful for … So not long after the floods were over of course it was a very challenging period emotionally, mentally and physically … as if that wan’t enough…. Come on … I then found out I had someone stalking me. … I’ve not shared this publicly before … but let me tell you it was scary as hell …. And for someone who was already an anxious person it sent my nerves off the rector scale … I’ve recently written a book about the stalking experience so stay tuned for that one ….. but needless to say all of that accumulated stress and anxiety and insomnia of course I couldn’t sleep I was so wired …. Throw into the mix running a start up real estate business with zero experience and support … well it is no wonder I was constantly sick, every time I went on holidays I got sick , the minute my body relaxed, bang a cold, flu, eye infection … eventually things got so bad I suffered adrenal fatigue and could barely keep my eyes open at 3pm in the afternoon. … I would take my kids to their sports and previously I would go for a run while they were training … but I’d wind up the windows, pump up the air con, lie the seat back and sleep until they banged on the door to wake me up …

Other symptoms included I was constantly sweating, which I now realise is a sign of anxiety (although summers where I live do get up to 40degrees celcuis) I was shaky, I was snappy, I was pretty much an emotional wreck alternating between crying and yelling … I still get like this when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I wasn’t showing up as the mother and wife I wanted to be, and I certainly wasn’t showing up as the leader of my business that I wanted to be.

In the end a few more life curve balls thrown at me and things still in chaos inside my business, it got so bad I was hospitalised multiple times with atrial fibrillation, a heart condition reserved for people way older than me and not as healthy as me.

And if you are relating to all this know that you are not alone and they are all just signs that things aren’t right in your world and something needs to change. But no one told me that … how the way I was wasn’t normal, that maybe I needed some more support and training, or help, and of course I never spoke up I’m always the one fixing everyone else’s problems. I just thought it was normal to be so anxious and stressed. So, the reason initially that I started that property mum was to provide a solution to the day-to-day property management issues I was experiencing, and let people know there was an easier way. But now as things have evolved I realise my mission is much more than that. My mission is to be the support and training working mums, property managers and business owners need and to let them know they are not alone in their struggles. And that transformation from a sweaty, stressed out unhealthy and unhappy mess with a business spiraling out of control to confident, healthy, mostly calm person, in control of their life and fulfilling their purpose is possible! Now that is a mission worth getting up for every day, would you agree?


There are some other reasons why I decided to start a membership:


Of course it is an affordable option that everyone in my audience can budget for. There are business owners in start-up phases, and property managers with young families to support I get it, I’ve eaten enough pasta bake over the years when my budget was exceedingly tight. This is real value and solutions without the hefty price tag.


It provides a solution I wish I had when I started my property management business.

When I started my business there was a few consultants and training was hosted through our governing bodies, but they were expensive and not flexible with times, I was a working mum with 4 kids, my time was limited. Plus I didn’t have to income to spend on the luxury of having someone come into my business and set up my procedures and processes. And so, I battled away in chaos with a revolving door on unhappy property managers coming and going.


It brings together the major property management struggles and issues under the one umbrella, and in real life time. What is a struggle this month, might not be next month. I have a lot of offers from free resources to online courses for growth and digital marketing, and believe me there’s a growing number of other coaches and trainers offering so many different products, trainings and events to help the property management industry, which is absolutely amazing … there are some amazing coaches and trainers, you only have to listen to previous episodes on here to see how much collective knowledge there is around willing to share their expertise, but nothing brings it all together under the one umbrella like Accelerate.


Inside accelerate there are hubs supporting all the major issues right now in property management and the tools, trainings and resources inside provide the solutions many people in the industry are looking for. Like for example there is an Admin hub where all the processes, procedures and workflows will be stored, a training hub with a library of existing trainings, but a new training will be added every single month, as well as expert sessions as well. The Done for You hub has been the most popular. We have pretty much social media content done for you, including captions, creative templates, and prewritten blogs…We tackle some of the core issues of property management with the foundational personal development work as well, including diving into mindset work, limiting self-beliefs that hold us back and much more on these important topics. We also have a community hub where we will be bringing together like-minded property managers and business owners to support and celebrate each other.

It is also ongoing training and support, not just a set and forget. As the world changes and property market changes, our membership will be across everything and will provide the tools and solutions as property managers need them. Trainings will be constant addressing the latest issues and problems as they arise.



  • Learn how to systemise & automate your business to save you and your team hours of time.
  • Simple Workflows to streamline your business and turn the chaos into calm
  • How to structure your week so that you never feel overwhelmed again.
  • Simple steps to find & fix the issues in your business so you never lose business again.
  • Step-by-step training on guaranteed lead generation strategies.
  • How to generate new income streams in your property management business.
  • Understand your business numbers and accelerate your profits.
  • How to find the right property manager for your business.

If you want to become one of our founding members and see all the benefits you’ll get click on this link and join. There’s no lock in contracts so you can cancel at any time.


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