What I’ve Learnt About Business This Year With Kylie Walker

Has your year turned out different to what you expected?

In this episode I share with you some of the powerful lessons I’ve learnt this year along with personal growth that I’ve encountered along the way.

This year’s mantra: I’ve just got to get through it.”

Kylie Walker

In this episode we explore:

  • Reflections of my year in business
  • How my rent roll sale pulled out and I had to go back into my property management business
  • How I was flexible and pivoted across my 3 businesses 
  • How I showed up at a speaking event despite my fear and anxiety leading up to it and how I developed the courage to move forward
  • How digital marketing is the key for growing our businesses 
  • How personal development is ongoing and the importance of having a toolkit to move through challenges
  • How stepping away from your business for a break is invaluable


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