What I’ve Learnt About Body Image Over the Past 50 Years

Have you experienced a negative body image journey, with that inner mean girl telling you you’re not enough?

In This Episode of the Property Management Podcast I talk about something that’s  been on my mind for the past 50 years. And if you are a woman, chances are, it’s been on yours pretty much since the day you were old enough to have memories too. And that is the topic of body image.

It is something that is either celebrated or haunts many women, regardless of age, ethnicity, or social status.  I want to share with you what I have learned about body image from my family, from the media, and from my peers.

Our goal is about my health journey. How healthy is my mind, my body and soul? Because without those. I’m not happy. I’m not able to hang out and be active with my kids. I’m not showing up as the leader, friend, mother, daughter, sister that I want to be.”

Kylie Walker

In This Episode:

  • The captivating topic of body image
  • The impact of societal influencers, personal struggles and the need for a mindset shift
  • The importance of prioritzing overall health, self care, and embracing a positive body image


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