The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Property Management Today With Kirk Stafford

As property managers we often get caught up in the murky waters trying to solve way more than we should, wasting time and energy on situations beyond our control and losing sleep over issues that are quite frankly not ours to worry about.

In this episode we chat with Kirk Stafford who is a Property Management Coach and has been active in the property industry for 40 years now. Kirk shares his knowledge and wisdom to help find solutions to the struggles we are all facing from staffing, profitability, acquiring rent rolls and work ethic.

“If you don’t shut off, you’re going to burn out and you’re going to start to hate what you do and you’re going to leave. If you love this industry, stop working 18 hours a day, stop being available 18 hours a day and start to get people to treat you with a little bit of respect for your time.” 

Kirk Stafford

In this episode we explore:

  • Kirk’s background and his current role as head of residential property management
  • Current staff retention challenges in the industry
  • Dealing with client expectations, how to set boundaries and nurture relationships
  • Strategies to take when dealing with unresponsive clients
  • How to navigate the ups and downs of the current property market


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