The Best AI Tools for Real Estate Right Now with Kylie Walker

One of the hottest topics globally right now, which is AI or artificial intelligence and everywhere you turn, someone is talking about it. So today I’m going to join that growing trend and we’re diving head first into the world of AI tools that are reshaping the landscape of property management and real estate.

Whether you’re a property manager, BDM or business owner, or simply curious about the latest tech trends in real estate. This episode is tailored just for you. To set the stage, let’s explore the current state of AI in property management and real estate.

“The key is to keep adopting and learning and growing and making it part of your business. To remain adaptable and embrace the ever evolving world of technology in real estate”

– Kylie Walker

In this episode we explore:

  • What is AI and how it works
  • How I use AI in my property management business
  • The top AI tools I recommend and I’ve found extremely helpful
  • How AI tools that are setting the new standards and creating waves in the industry
  • How to use AI in your content, emails, marketing and property listings


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