The Affordable Way to Rent and Grow Properties With Krista Going

I love a good story and this episode has a bit of everything from tragedy, triumph and resilience – this conversation brought me to tears but left me feeling happy and inspired.

In this episode, I chat with Krista Going from Star Realty who started her business 12 months ago from 0 and grew to 176 managements and spent no money on marketing! Star Realty was born from Krista’s passion to deliver top quality service to landlords, focusing on their needs as a priority, not an afterthought and has a lifelong passion for property and people.

“And I need to make sure I’m on point for my staff now, I’m on point for my owners, my tenants, but then also providing them training and knowledge and all of those kinds of things it’s so amazing watching them grow and develop.” 

Krista Going

In this episode we explore:

  • How and why Krista started her property management business
  • How the business grew to 176 managements and the strategies she incorporated
  • Emphasising the use of Facebook and Instagram for advertising rental properties without paying for ads on
  • How she navigated her journey with domestic violence
  • The importance of hiring a team that you can trust


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