In the world of property management, there are stories of determination, courage and going after one’s dreams. Krista, the owner of Star Realty QLD, shares her inspiring journey with us on the Property Management Podcast. We explore how she started her own boutique property management business, overcame challenges, and found balance while juggling family and a growing business.

Krista’s journey into property management began almost 12 years ago  while her eldest daughter was in the hospital. She decided to enroll in Real Estate course. Since then, she has explored various aspects of the real estate industry, including commercial sales, property management, and even earning her auctioneer’s license.

As a mother of 4 children, Krista experiences  the juggle between her personal life with the demands of her growing business. Krista keeps a structured schedule and has a strong support system in her family, including her parents who live nearby. Living in a small town like Warwick also works to her advantage, as the short commute times help her manage various family activities and her business seamlessly.

Krista’s transition from being an employee to a business owner was both a mindset shift and a leap of faith. The backing of trusted family, friends and mentors helped her overcome her fears and self-doubt. Surrounding herself with people who believed in her vision and encouraged her to take the plunge was key for her.

One of the significant challenges Krista faced was walking away from a rent roll she had carefully nurtured for 3 years when she started Star Realty QLD. With just 3 properties under her management when she started, she had to strategize and develop her business rapidly. However, Krista soon realized that celebrating each win, no matter how small, was essential. Star Realty QLD now manages 81 properties, an impressive achievement since its launch in May!

Krista feels there is so much importance to making  cost-effective choices when starting out.. She uses PropertyMe as her property management software and leverages the capabilities of her mobile phone and computer. By focusing on the essentials and wise marketing decisions, she’s managed to keep costs in check (which is vital element when you’re just getting started).

Krista highlights the benefits of meditation and loves to participate in this ritual.. She acknowledges the challenges of finding time for self-care, especially as a business owner, but emphasises that it’s crucial for maintaining balance in a busy work and at home life. A simple 15-minute daily mindful meditation practice has made a profound impact on her ability to stay centred and calm 

Krista’s journey into property management and entrepreneurship is a true testament to the power of determination, self-belief, and the unwavering support of loved ones. With the right mindset, a structured plan, and a commitment to balance, anyone can turn their dreams into a successful reality. Whether you’re looking to start your own property management business or need inspiration for self-development, Krista’s story is sure to leave you inspired and motivated.


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