Taking the Great Leap and Starting Your Own Property Management Business with Krista Going

Have you been thinking about starting your own Property Management business?

Have you been weighing up the pros and cons, the financials but the fear then seems to take over?

Are you ready to embrace the fear and stop listening to the negative voices?

In this episode we speak with Krista Going from Star Realty. Star Realty was born from Krista’s passion to deliver top quality service to landlords, focusing on their needs as a priority, not an afterthought and she shares with us how she let go of the fear and just went for it in her business.

“The biggest thing for me is I wanted people to feel that connection, that responsibility and that place where they could come and feel like their property was actually being valued and cared for.”

– Krista Going

In this episode we explore:

  • How Krista got into the Property Management industry
  • How she juggles it all with business and being a mum to 4 kids
  • How she went from doing a real estate course to now running her own successful business and, the only female auctioneer on the Darling Downs.
  • How she shifted her mindset from negative thinking and being fearful to backing herself to go out on her own
  • The challenges she has faced and what did to overcome them
  • The beings things she has implemented in her business and can’t live without


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