Starting a Property Management Business as a Mum

For a long time, we as women wanted it all. We wanted to work, have successful careers, build businesses, and run organizations. Yet we still dream of having a family and being present and hands-on parents. So can we really have it all, or do we have to sacrifice something? I’ve always been a working mother, and in my experience, we can have it all, but there’s always a price to pay. 

I took a week off to focus on a big project. I’m writing a book and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Most of the time, it’s tough to prioritize what we need. Sometimes we need to ask for help or some space to be creative. Other times, we need a total reset. 

In this episode, I have someone who’s very good at juggling motherhood and managing multiple businesses without losing her sanity.

Ashleigh Goodchild leads the #1 Property Management Team for South Perth & Como. She loves teaching and inspiring others within the industry by connecting and sharing her knowledge freely through her podcast, PM Collective.

Join us today as we talk about Starting a Property Management Business as a Mum.

“I like to refer to life and work as a bit of tilt as opposed to a balance.”

– Ashleigh Goodchild

In This Episode:

– Meet Ashleigh Goodchild, Property Management Leader, Podcast Host, and a Mum

– How do you run multiple businesses, juggle a family and keep your sanity? Ashleigh shares her “secrets.” 

– Ashleigh’s advice to women who are thinking about starting a business but have a young family to take care of

– How to ask for help when needed

– What is the PM Collective all about? 

– What are the challenges faced by Property Mums?

– The importance of communication at home and at work

– Ashleigh recommends reading the book, The New Hustle by Emma Isaacs.


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