Every agency that we work with, every agency that I speak to, there’s always ways to be more efficient and save time and with a product like ours. So generally what we find, we save about 50% of the time that property managers deal with maintenance at a fraction of the cost from an ROI standpoint. So you’re essentially adding the ability and features and workload of additional headcount without gaining that cost while also just taking the stress off your team.



“I’m actually from Chicago in the States. The story of Tapi for us, we started the business five years ago in New Zealand. I’m actually in our Wellington office right now, but kind of how it all begun, I actually was in uni, I graduated university, I just came out to New Zealand randomly and would never been in the property industry. But I met my business partner and my other co-founder and then Florian. And it’s an interesting story of how all of this started from, so my business partner, he was living in a flat where he had a massive hole in his kitchen ceiling that it took six months for it to actually get fixed. And what was interesting about it when that happened, he was really confused about why it would take so long, what was the issue of the communication? And he wasn’t with a property management company, he was with a private landlord. But we were working in this startup accelerator space together and we thought, how can we fix this and make this communication faster so it’s better for the tenants? And we looked at how can we sell something and figure something out for private landlords as everybody knows this room selling to consumers, especially when you’re young entrepreneur top. But then we had some friends in the industry in property management where we spoke to them about, well how are you guys dealing with this? And we found it was the same problem. Communication was too difficult following up with trades, it’s hard to get visibility of what’s happening, how the tenant is reporting maintenance is a struggle. And we can build something and use the mind of the top people in the industry to make something better for New Zealand and carry that over into Australia and have been going ever since. So we’ve been in New Zealand for five years, we’ve been in Australia for the last three and a half years and just continuing in that trajectory.”



“Yeah, absolutely Kylie and I think it was interesting on one of your podcasts, and I didn’t know this about you until I heard it, that you did this, went through a software change, brought in some different things and you lost four property managers in a span of a day. And I think that’s really interesting to note here because as we all know, it’s about 30% of property managers leave the industry. So almost one in three. And for our industry and what we’re doing, always look at property management. It’s such a rewarding career but it’s very tough and I think maintenance is the big piece of that that’s there. We do surveys with companies, landlords, and from the survey data we showed that the number one reason why the landlords chose a property manager was because of maintenance. But that’s really interesting because that’s the number one reason why they’re choosing a property manager. But it’s also the most stressful piece of the process for the companies that I go speak with and work with and everyone that we chat with in the industry, what we find is that people don’t get enough credit from maintenance from they’re owners. They don’t really understand the value of what it does, but also it’s a major time suck or the agency and it leads to that burnout to property managers. Whether you’re taking a phone call at three in the morning when you’re trying to put your kids to bed or you’re just drowning under the communication from the tenants, from the owners of the trades. Because there is just no good way to keep track of that. And where Tapi comes in the fold is we’re really trying to make life easier and make it faster and simpler to coordinate maintenance and compliance and ensuring that you’re taking care of those homes but also providing ways to add more value for your clients so you can truly take maintenance and get away from the negative conversations with it. Because with technology and automation where truly as a property manager you can focus on being a consultant and a client relationship manager with your tenants and also your owners to truly take care of that property and be that amazing resource and service provider for them.”



“We want to make it really easy and that’s with how we onboard, that’s with how we sell, that’s how the interaction we have with our clients and with their trades, with their tenants, with their owners. So, everything’s included with Tapi and from a feature standpoint. So, the first key piece of it, we have a 24/7 AI driven chat service. So as a tenant I can walk into my home, I see something’s happening, I can scan a QR code and brings up that 24/7 chat service that’s going to talk to me like a property manager. It’s going to troubleshoot everything up front for you. It’s going to give the photos, get the videos and really cut down the back-and-forth pointless communication. So, the back and forth follow ups, the troubleshooting. If I’m getting a phone call at three in the morning telling my tenant they just got to flip the fuse box, we’re getting rid of all of that so you can focus on those great conversations with your tenants and focus your time on creating that great client experience. So, that’s the first key piece and all of that information then transitions into our maintenance tracker and compliance tracker. So the old world without tapi, you’re chasing trades, setting manual follow ups, printing job reports, going through weekly team meetings to figure out where things are at, processing invoices manually, all of these different tasks that should be automated, right? So our tracker comes in, we have automated built and follow up and reminders to ensure nothing’s falling through the crack track, sorry for the cracks with your trades, being able to follow up with your owners, whether it’s owner approvals, DIY jobs, seeing where those things are at. So improving those turnaround times, having clear metrics whether you’re a single property manager or an agency with 20 property managers, having clear visibility of a performance with your team and also automating invoice automation for our Victoria clients, having clear list of electro gas and safety checks and then having that clear visibility from a conformance standpoint. And then we talk about owner value ads and this is where we really are looking to set ourselves apart and really help the industry. So a couple things that we’ve launched in the last year, our asset register. One of the biggest issues that we’ve found working with clients over the years, for example, sending jobs at under warranty with ovens and air conditioning units. There is no good way to track that. And every agency you speak to, you’ll ask them, “hey, is it possible that potentially you have sent something out that charged an owner that shouldn’t have been”, everyone’s going to tell you, you have to tap in.

So, with tapi, you always get flagged if something’s under warranty. And the other key piece of that, we’re actually tracking the depreciation value on those assets. So someone like yourself, Kylie, you can have a repair versus replacement conversation but by can open in the home it’s 10 years old to this many repairs but with all the turnover in the industry and new people coming in, it’s going to be hard for a 23 year old property manager to say, Hey John, my owner, you should repair first. Replace this. They’re not going to know how to do that. So, we’re giving you that data and that value so you can be that consultant and also pulling in almost every single make and model manual automatically into our system from they can see as a property manager I can see the guy, the troubleshooting, I can send it to my trade and also my tenants can pop it up as well. And the last one I don’t want to talk about, I don’t word blood too much of everybody. We actually just launched the ability now where you can offer payment plans on any maintenance job at a very low interest rate. So, as we know we’re not sure where the economy’s going to go. Large shops come up $12,000, job comes out of nowhere, owner might not be able to afford it. Now if Tapi in your maintenance workflow, you can give the ability to your owner to pay that off in installments. So ensure that maintenance gets done, the tenants are happy and your owners stay as your client.”


Yeah, absolutely. So that’s a great point. One of the biggest, I don’t want to say limitations about when you’re just using something about a maintenance system, multiple quoting, going out to multiple trades, it’s very hard keeping track of a communication, sending all of those out. With a platform like ours, you can send multiple quotes out to the trades and just a couple of clicks quotes that come to review. You can send one quote, two quotes, six quotes if you need to the owners, but they can easily approve it in an email key communication that looks beautiful and is automated. And then if I do accept one of those quotes, it’ll send automatic emails to the other trades just thanking them, letting know the words work no longer require. So again, like you said, streamlines the perfect word for that. And saving time and taking stress off the property managers. Because we know how difficult the whole quoting process is, and it is just another tool to make life easier so the property managers can focus on delivering that amazing service to their clients.”



“The way I kind of frame it to people, every agency that we work with, every agency that I speak to, there’s always ways to be more efficient and save time and with a product like ours. So generally what we find, we save about 50% of the time that property managers deal with maintenance at a fraction of the cost from an ROI standpoint. So you’re essentially adding the ability and features and workload of additional headcount without gaining that cost while also just taking the stress off your team. Again, we go back to, and everyone’s going to keep talking about this, but it’s so important, this industry has one of the biggest burnouts in the world. I mean, one out of three people are leaving us every year when we are with an agency, when you bring in a system like this, we’re taking the stress off the property managers, we’re making it easier and making it simple and you just don’t have that functionality in the current trust accounts. But the other key piece of it, and it’s really interesting, I was doing a webinar with Darren Hunter on when your work and we were talking about how you can leverage maintenance for that. And a big piece of this with fees and justifying the service that you’re providing, like I talked about before, owners don’t understand the value that these companies are providing for maintenance. They look at it as if that’s just a part of the service. “You’re telling me I have got to pay all this money. I don’t believe you. It’s usually a negative conversation when you use an application like ours with the depreciation value tracking with the 24/7 chat bot that you can show the, your owners that technology, the payment plans, the ability to show them like, hey, we’re doing our maintenance and turning it around in three days, in four days, as opposed to other agencies without it. It’s taking you 30 to 40 days and causing serious risk for the property. With a platform like that, you can leverage that for growth and retention with your clients and show them what you’re doing to really separate yourself from being that potentially task manager when it comes to maintenance to someone that truly is a consultant that’s showing you how you can take proper care of your property.”


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