Life and Business Update

The start of this year has been quite a tumultuous one. While I can’t speak for how your year has unfolded, mine has been a whirlwind of unexpected challenges and realisations. 

I’ve only recently recorded my first episode of the year for my Podcast – Normally, I like to batch episodes together, staying a few weeks ahead of schedule. But this year, well, life had other plans. Despite the upheaval, I’m nearly at the milestone of a hundred episodes over on my Podcast! A testament to the consistency and dedication poured into this endeavor. If you’ve tuned in to the recent previous episodes, you would have experienced the enriching training offered within the PM Accelerate membership.

As I delve into recent events, I must warn you, emotions may run high. The journey ahead may be marked by tears and vulnerability, but such is the nature of growth and resilience.

Picture this: fresh from a three-week Christmas holiday on the Gold Coast with my family, I returned to a landscape that became little resemblance to the one I left behind. Plans for a purpose-driven new year were sovershadowed by unexpected departures within my team. 

But life’s curveballs didn’t end there. A visit to my mother, as my mother’s condition took a sharp downturn, culminating in a heart-wrenching farewell that no amount of preparation could soften.

As I grapple with grief and loss, navigating the waters of personal and professional upheaval, I’ve found relief in the enduring power of purpose. Despite the overwhelming urge to retreat, I’ve pressed on, driven to honor my mother’s legacy of love and resilience.

Through all of this, I’m reminded of the profound impact we have on those around us. It’s not the achievements that define us, but the kindness and compassion we extend to others. As I reflect on the legacy left by my mother, I’m reminded of the profound truth that life’s most enduring treasures are found in the moments of connection and empathy we share with one another.

In the face of uncertainty, I’m guided by a simple yet profound principle: change begins with small, intentional steps. Whether it’s embracing new challenges, fostering a culture of continuous learning, or extending a hand of support to those in need, each action, no matter how small, has the power to ignite meaningful transformation.

So, as we navigate the uncharted territories of life, let us embrace the lessons of resilience.Let us stand united in our pursuit of purpose and possibility, keep moving and keep looking for the light.  You’ve got this and so do I.



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