We chat with Skye Bartlett, owner of Debonair Property Management, to explore her fascinating journey through 3 generations of Real Estate expertise. Skye shares insights, challenges, and the evolution of property management, from the era of paper listings to the digital age.

Skye reflects on her introduction to the real estate world at the age of 12, working as a receptionist in her grandfather’s agency. Growing up surrounded by family members involved in the industry, Skye’s journey was influenced by observing her grandfather’s commitment to clients and the challenges of managing a large real estate business.

As Skye recounts her experiences working in different facets of real estate, she emphasises the transformative impact of technology. The transition from paper listings to the immediacy of smartphone photography and digital communication has streamlined processes. Skye highlights the balance between leveraging technology’s advantages and setting boundaries to maintain work-life balance.

Skye shares the pivotal moment when she seized the opportunity to purchase a rent roll. With a commitment to preserving the relationships and reputation established over the years, Skye started on her journey as the owner of Debonair Property Management.

Skye opens up about her personal and professional life, emphasising the challenges and rewards of being a single mom while running a successful business. Her story unfolds as she shares the motivation behind her leap into entrepreneurship and the continuous process of balancing family commitments with business demands.

Skye shares her journey with social media and discusses the positive impact of humanising the property management experience, showcasing the person behind the professional title.

Skye believes in a stronger sense of community among property managers, stressing the importance of mutual support. She shares her insights on fostering collaboration, breaking down barriers between professionals, and creating a network where property managers can share experiences, challenges, and solutions.

Skye’s journey is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to the people behind the properties. Whether navigating technology, overcoming business challenges, or fostering a sense of community, Skye’s story serves as an inspiration for those navigating their own paths in the dynamic world of property management.


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