Leadership with Heart in Property Management

The spotlight worldwide is shining brightly right now on leadership. Over the past few years, we have witnessed some good and not-so-good examples of leadership. From the global pandemic to natural disasters and the current war with Russia, leadership on all levels has really been amplified. We’ve all had a lot to deal with and overcome. Some of us have thrived, while others barely survived. So what’s the secret leadership ingredient we all need? 

Welcome to another episode of The Property Management podcast. In this episode, we will dive into leadership, and more specifically, leadership in property management. So let’s chat about it with my guest, Ron Jelich.

Ron has been working with me in my business. He has a wealth of experience leading and mentoring business owners and leaders. He provides one-on-one mentoring and leadership training through The Life Science Academy, a personal development and leadership program designed to help you excel in life and business. Ron is happy to share his passion for coaching others to become great people, live by their beliefs, serve others, and lead with heart.

Join us today as we talk about Leadership with Heart in Property Management.

“The world is a better place with top-level leaders who, every single waking moment, should be identifying, nurturing, and recruiting talent.”

– Ron Jelich

In This Episode:

– Meet Ron Jelich, a high-level leadership mentor who knows how to lead with a heart

– How do you break down what leadership is all about?

– Would you consider someone who leads with empathy, compassion, and emotional intelligence a better and stronger leader?

– What leadership skills do you need to be at the top of your game?

– Ron shares his best advice for someone to thrive as a leader in the property management industry.

– What steps can someone take to improve their leadership skills?

– Join The LSA Leadership Lounge and learn how to become a better leader at home and in business.


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