Is This the Future of Property Management Support? with Nina Sutton

Being a property manager has complexities and challenges that can overwhelm many people. In addition, a property manager’s work is fast-paced, with the potential for significant variability from day to day, depending on tenant needs. 

Without proper training and support, it is easy for a property manager to give up and walk away. So what support can property managers expect, and where do they go for help?

In this episode of The Property Management Podcast, Kylie sits down with Nina Sutton, Managing Director at Property Management Partners, a business consultancy service, providing an alternative solution to businesses in the property management industry. 

With over 15 years of property management and business experience, from training and consulting to setting up and running property management departments, Nina has the solution for you.

So whether you’re a property manager or a business owner who wants to provide adequate support for your team, this episode is for you!

“While I’m a big advocate for businesses supporting their staff training and things like that, I think it’s equally important to invest in yourself.” 

– Nina Sutton 

In This Episode:

  • Meet Nina Sutton, Managing Director & Trainer at Property Management Partners
  • Challenges in the property management industry that gave Nina the vision to establish the Property Management Partners
  • What are the benefits of partnering with Nina and her team? 
  • The big issues facing the property management industry today
  • Events hosted by Nina’s company that would be great for you to join
  • Nina’s recommended resources for personal development

And more!!!


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