How to Use Your Voice to Create a Great First Impression with Maree Clancy

Do you like the sound of your voice? If you’re like other people who hate the sound of their voice, this episode will help you understand that the sound of your voice plays only a small part in the impression you make on others and your ability to be a great leader. Your voice is only authentic and powerful when perfectly aligned with your mind and body. Only then will you be genuinely heard, able to diffuse conflict, make an impact and create a great impression on others. So how exactly can you do that? 

In this episode, Kylie speaks with Maree Clancy, Founder & Director of SAY IT NOW Voice Consultancy. Tune in for powerful insights on how each person develops their voice, and try out three exercises to improve your tone and how you communicate with others. 

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No two voices are identical. It’s like a fingerprint.”

Maree Clancy

In This Episode:

– Meet Maree Clancy, Founder & Director of SAY IT NOW Voice Consultancy

– What are the components that make up one’s voice? How does Maree’s coaching process tackle each part? 

– How can you make a great first impression, especially during job interviews?

– Common mistakes we knowingly or unknowingly make when communicating with others 

– Simple things we can do to diffuse conflict and improve our communication process

– How to improve your emotional intelligence as a leader

– Maree shares three exercises to upgrade your communication skills and create a better impression (posture relaxation, depth of breath, and listening to connect)


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