How to Use LinkedIn to Get More Investor Clients With Ashleigh Goodchild

What makes LinkedIn different from other social media platforms? One important distinction is that LinkedIn is a professional platform designed to help you establish and reinforce business relationships. 

From making connections to boosting your brand and generating leads, there are many things you can do with LinkedIn that make it a vital addition to your digital marketing strategy. 

In this episode of The Property Management Podcast, Ashleigh Goodchild returns for an engaging conversation with Kylie about using LinkedIn to get more investor clients. She co-founded SOCO REALTY, a boutique real estate agency focused on selling and managing residential and commercial property in Perth. She was trained by some of Australia’s best in the industry to ensure that the SOCO brand continues to be a popular choice for local property owners. Ashleigh also hosts PM Collective – The ART of Property Management Podcast.

Join Kylie and Ashleigh today for actionable tips and strategies for leveraging LinkedIn to grow your connections and business. 

“It’s actually the opinion and your face that really is what’s going to amplify your content.”

– Ashleigh Goodchild

In This Episode:

  • Meet Ashleigh Goodchild, co-founder of SOCO REALTY and host of The ART of Property Management Podcast
  • What do property managers and business owners need to do to generate leads on LinkedIn? (It boils down to two things)
  • What type of content works best on LinkedIn and how often should you post?
  • How can you grow your followers on LinkedIn?
  • Ashleigh recommends her favourite resource for personal and professional development

 And more!!!


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