It is known that fewer than 1 in 5 people use any sort of formal time management system. 

People rely on pinned emails in their inbox, a few dozen sticky notes, a messy day planner or any number of self designed systems to help keep them on track – sound familiar?

We chat with Darren Hunter who is a national and international property management trainer, expert and leading industry authority in fees and overcoming fee discounting. A consultant and trainer now for over 11 years, Darren has previously worked as the state (network) property manager with one of Australia’s most respected real estate brands – recruiting, training, implementing policies and procedures and managing 28 property managers in 18 regional offices over South Australia and the Northern Territory. In 2006 he wrote the national property management policies and procedures for the third largest rent roll in Australia.

Darren’s journey in the property management industry began in 1989 and over the years, he transformed his under confidence into expertise. He then transitioned to his true passion—training. Since then, Darren has become a sought-after speaker in 5 countries, sharing his wealth of knowledge and passion for property management.

Even though the concept of time management seems straightforward, its implementation can be far from easy, especially in property management. Darren challenges the traditional notion of “time management” by emphasising the importance of task management.  The key lies in becoming an expert in task execution.

Darren introduces the analogy of a blue toy Ford Mustang to illustrate task speed and accuracy. When the task speed overtakes accuracy, mistakes occur, leading to what he describes as ‘zombie mode’.  Unfinished tasks linger, waiting to haunt and disrupt, requiring 3-4x more effort to resolve. The solution, he suggests, is not to speed up tasks but to focus on speeding up the accuracy of the tasks.

The challenge of interruptions in a busy real estate office is real! And Darren shares some strategies from his upcoming book, “Master Your Time Secrets.”

  1. No Interruption Quarantine: Dedicate at least two hours a day to zero interruptions, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  2. Do Not Disturb Flag: Use a visible signal to show focused work time.
  3. Noise Canceling Headphones: Clearly communicate your unavailability to colleagues.
  4. Clear Exceptions: Define emergencies that warrant interruption to avoid cutting in on your productivity.
  5. Team Power Hour: Collaborative focused work time for accountability.
  6. Lock Yourself Away: Utilise meeting rooms or off-site locations for uninterrupted work.
  7. Utilise Technology: Leverage online booking systems, tenant repair reporting systems, and work-from-home options.


Darren’s new book, “Master Your Time Secrets,” explores these strategies deeper and offers 25 ways to stop interruptions. Available for free (excluding shipping costs) at, the book promises groundbreaking and life-changing insights into effective task management.

For those that are seeking further guidance and industry insights, Inspired Growth Training offers annual conferences and a wealth of resources. Visit or reach out to Darren directly at

Mastering task management is not just about efficiency but about reclaiming control over your time. Investing in effective task management is an investment in oneself and the key to avoiding burnout and resignation in the real estate indsutry.


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