How to Plan Out Your Video Content with Jen Trevorrow

If you want to convert viewers into customers, video marketing should be one of the strategies you must focus on in 2023. There’s a ton of research to support why creating video content is a powerful marketing strategy. However, not all people are confident about showing up in front of their cameras. But if you want to get ahead, you must overcome your fear and start creating video content. Not sure how to plan your content? Kylie and her guest have got your back!

In this episode of The Property Management Podcast, Kylie welcomes Jen Trevorrow (better known as JenT), founder of Be The Confident You and The Video Marketing Academy. Jen is an International Award-Winning Presentation Coach. Her passion developed through a crippling fear of public speaking. She had always been a lover of transformation, but it wasn’t until she faced her biggest fear of learning the art of public speaking that she found her core passion and mission.

Jen has taken over 20+ years of experience, countless hours, and thousands of clients to master the tools and techniques to teach simple ways of creating higher levels of connection through video.

If you want to know how to plan your content and exactly how to say it, Jen has the content strategy and the structure you should use to connect with others, grow your audience, and impact your community. So take a listen!

“Every time you get a question, that is the perfect topic for video.”

– Jen Trevorrow

In This Episode:

  • Meet Jen Trevorrow, Founder of Be The Confident You and The Video Marketing Academy
  • Why many people are afraid of public speaking and the strategies to overcome those fears
  • Tips for planning out your video content plus Jen’s unique formula for structuring your content
  • Two simple video structures that really work
  • What you can expect from the 3-Day Video Confidence Challenge
  • Jen’s recommended resource for personal development
  • And more!!!


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