How to Integrate Mum and Work Life With Jackie P. Taylor

Do you know what it takes to succeed at home and in business? How can you manage multiple priorities without losing your sanity? Jackie P. Taylor has some ideas to help you integrate mum and work life (because work-life balance is a myth!).

In this episode of The Property Management Podcast, Kylie chats with Jackie about the real juggle mums face every day. Jackie then busts the myth about work-life balance and suggests a better option: work-life integration.

Also known as The Business Boost Doctor, Jackie is an award-winning businesswoman, author, podcast host, and seasoned global executive who is passionate about promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in her community. 

Discover how to accomplish your personal and business goals minus the overwhelm and burnout. Learn why laughter should be a part of your daily routine. So take a listen!

“Our children get to see how we handle stress, how we handle juggling multiple priorities. I think that makes us better moms.” 

– Jackie P. Taylor

In This Episode:

  • Meet Jackie P. Taylor, an award-winning businesswoman, author, seasoned global executive, and mum of five wonderful children
  • Can you achieve work-life balance, or is it just a myth?
  • How does laughing help improve your life?
  • What can you get from listening to The Real Juggle Podcast and reading Jackie’s book “Give Me A Boost!”?
  • Secrets to avoiding overwhelm and burnout while juggling multiple priorities 
  • Jackie’s recommended resources for personal development and living a balanced life

 And more!!!


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