We’ll be diving into the inspiring journey of Jess, an experienced property manager who recently took the leap to start her own venture. 

Jess’s journey began in 2004 when she embarked on her career as a property manager with no prior real estate experience. She took a leap of faith and moved to Melbourne, where she stumbled upon an ad for a property management position. Despite lacking formal qualifications, her determination and “gift of the gab” landed her the job, marking the beginning of a remarkable 21-year tenure in the industry.

Fast forward to the present, and Jess has ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing her own property management business. However, this transition wasn’t without its fears and uncertainties. As a mother of 4, Jess grappled with the financial implications and the daunting prospect of stepping into the unknown.

To overcome these hurdles, Jess adopted a strategic approach. She outlined her goals, both short-term and long-term, and embarked on a journey of self-education. By immersing herself in industry knowledge and leveraging the expertise of mentors, Jess gradually built the confidence to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.

One of the pivotal aspects of Jess’s journey was embracing technology and implementing efficient systems and processes. While the initial setup may seem daunting, Jess emphasises the abundance of resources available and the importance of seeking support from peers and industry leaders.

One of the key challenges Jess faced in establishing her business was developing efficient systems and processes. Accustomed to the resources of a larger company, Jess had to navigate the complexities of trust accounting and administrative tasks. However, with perseverance and the support of mentors and technology tools, she successfully streamlined her operations.

Central to Jess’s approach is leveraging technology and outsourcing tasks where possible. Cloud-based systems, virtual assistants, and CRM platforms have become invaluable assets in managing her business remotely. By embracing technology and investing in the right tools, Jess has found the flexibility to balance work and family life effectively.

A defining aspect of Jess’s business is its emphasis on personal connections and relationship building. Referral partners have been instrumental in generating leads and fostering growth. Jess highlights the importance of networking, both online and in-person, and seizing opportunities to engage with potential clients.

Continual personal development is another cornerstone of Jess’s success. She recently completed a BDM course to refine her skills and stay ahead of industry trends. Jess emphasises the importance of staying motivated, whether through exercise, podcasts, or connecting with like-minded professionals.

As Jess looks ahead to the future, she is optimistic about the growth potential of her business. With a solid foundation in place and a proactive approach to networking and innovation, she is poised for success in the dynamic world of property management.

If you’re considering starting your own property management business or seeking inspiration to take your career to the next level, Jess’s journey offers valuable insights and encouragement. Connect with Jess via her website or social media channels to learn more about her experiences and expertise.


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