How to Gain the Confidence to Start Your Own Property Management Business With Jess Ross

Have you considered starting your own property management business but may be fearful of the challenges that may arise?

In this episode of the Property Management Podcast, Jess shares her inspiring journey from starting her career in property management with no real estate experience to launching her own business. With over two decades at one company, she details the challenges and fears she overcame, particularly around financial stability and stepping into the unknown. 

“Writing down those goals. I wrote down a one, five and ten year goal being all the things that I’ve really wanted for a long time. So smaller goals, writing things down, getting it down on paper and getting it out of your head. Yeah, so breaking it down, and I think you need to really educate yourself.”

Jess Ross

In this episode we explore:

  • Taking the Leap: Starting Your Own Business
  • Overcoming Fears and Setting Foundations
  • Embracing Technology and Building Processes
  • The Flexibility and Challenges of Working from Home
  • Setting Personal and Business Goals
  • Leveraging Systems, Processes, and VA Support for Growth
  • Exploring Growth Strategies and Personal Development


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