In the fast-paced world of property management and entrepreneurship, finding balance and success can be a daunting task. I had the pleasure of chatting with Hayley Osborne, an expert in business growth strategies and marketing. Hayley graciously shared her insights into building a successful week amidst the chaos of entrepreneurship and family life. Let’s dive into her wisdom. Before we delve into the strategies, let’s get to know Hayley a bit better. With six years of experience in helping small business owners thrive, Hayley runs her own business under her personal brand. She specialises in empowering entrepreneurs to maximise their growth potential while minimizing time and effort. Through her podcast, “Superhero Marketing” membership, and one-on-one coaching, she guides her clients towards achieving their business goals.

Hayley’s framework for crafting a successful week revolves around strategic planning and disciplined execution. Here’s a breakdown of her key strategies:

  1. Monday Hour One: Kickstart your week by dedicating the first hour of Monday to high-impact activities. Focus on top-of-funnel tasks like pitching yourself to podcasts, media, or securing speaking engagements. Setting aside this focused time on Mondays sets a productive tone for the rest of the week.

  2. Weekly Planning Document: Hayley emphasizes the importance of reflection and intention-setting at the beginning of each week. Her comprehensive document covers gratitude, goals, habits, and priorities. This structured approach helps her stay aligned with her objectives and maintain clarity amidst the hustle.

  3. Discipline Over Everything: While various productivity methods exist, Hayley underscores the significance of discipline. Cultivating a disciplined mindset is paramount for executing tasks consistently and staying on track, especially in the face of distractions or unexpected challenges.

  4. Streamlined Systems: Leveraging technology, Hayley has automated several aspects of her business, from scheduling meetings to lead generation. These streamlined systems not only save time but also ensure efficiency and reliability in her operations.

  5. Structured Week: To balance work and family life effectively, Hayley adheres to a structured weekly schedule. Designated days for meetings, CEO tasks, and family time provide clarity and prevent overwhelm. By setting clear boundaries, she maximises productivity without sacrificing personal time.

But what about those inevitable curveballs like sick kids or unexpected disruptions? Hayley emphasizes the importance of discipline and strategic decision-making, even if it means making tough choices like scaling back certain commitments to focus on growth opportunities.

Transitioning to the realm of marketing, Hayley sheds light on the power of storytelling in brand development. In an era where consumers crave authenticity, weaving your personal narrative into your marketing efforts can foster deeper connections and trust. She encourages entrepreneurs to embrace their unique stories while leveraging digital platforms like social media and websites to amplify their message.

With practical advice and actionable tips, Hayley emphasizes the significance of getting back to basics—ensuring your digital assets are aligned, your messaging is clear, and your online presence reflects your brand authentically. And for those feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of navigating the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, Hayley’s mantra, “Done is better than perfect,” serves as a guiding principle.


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