What is rent roll due diligence and why is it important?

We chat with Tarsi Hynes who is an expert in Due Diligence and has worked in the real estate industry in all capacities for nearly a quarter of a century, Tarsi is privileged to have been behind the scenes of thousands of businesses. And she gets a thrill from seeing her clients achieve their goals in real estate. Whether that’s exponential growth brought on by obtaining a high-quality rent roll or better understanding the saleable value of their own portfolio, she’s here for that outcome.

Tarsi reflects on the consistent challenges that have persisted in the real estate industry over the years. One issue she highlights is the prevalent burnout among business owners.

In the dynamic field of property management, business owners are grappling with the demands of wearing multiple hats – managing teams, handling client relationships, and navigating the intricacies of daily operations. This burnout not only affects business owners but trickles down to property managers who are also feeling the strain of juggling a range of responsibilities.

Tarsi emphasises the current labor shortage in the industry, making it challenging for businesses to secure high-quality property managers. The shortage underscores the importance of effective management to alleviate the burden on both business owners and property managers. 



Tarsi provides an overview of the current landscape, highlighting an increase in the number of rent rolls up for sale. 

While some business owners express burnout and a desire to exit the industry, others are driven by growth ambitions. Tarsi explains a compelling analogy between growing a business and extending one’s home, stressing the importance of proper preparation and foundation building.

The main point of our chat revolves around the critical concept of rent roll due diligence. Tarsi introduces this as the cornerstone of running a successful real estate office. 

Tarsi shares more on her course: Portfolio Optimisation Due Diligence Blueprint  – the course teaches you as the business owner the tools and knowledge to conduct thorough due diligence in your rent rolls. Tarsi emphasises the course’s applicability across various software platforms, making it accessible to a global audience.

Whether you’re a business owner contemplating a sale, aspiring to grow, or simply aiming to fine-tune your operations, Tarsi’s expertise is an innovative force in the idustry. The Portfolio Optimisation Due Diligence Blueprint course is empowering property management professionals to take control of their businesses, foster growth, and navigate the ever-evolving real estate landscape.


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