How to Build Relationships That Leads to Long Term Referrals With Natalie Cahill

Want to learn how to turn your relationships into a long term client base which then leads into constant referrals for your property management business?

In this episode I chat with Natalie Cahill who has created exactly that! Natalie prides herself and in her above and beyond service and is the founder of Little Gem Property Management which she created to provide a boutique property management service for people seeking one to one interaction from their property manager.

“Even though I’ve been in the industry for 23 years, I never stop learning, I never stop taking in information from others because  even just a different approach is something that I find that I learn.”

Natalie Cahill

In this episode we explore:

  • Relationship Building For Your Current and New Clients
  • Tips On How To Best Create A Referral Led Business
  • Systems and Procedures To Implement In Your Business To Help Create Above And Beyond Service For Your Clients
  • Setting up your business up for client long term success


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