In the ever-evolving landscape of property management and investment, having a trusted expert by your side is invaluable. We chat with Tracy, an award winning finance and mortgage broker with 25 years experience whose expertise has not only benefited her family and clients but also reshaped the mortgage brokerage industry

Tracy’s story is both inspiring and heartwarming. Nearly 26 years ago, she entered the mortgage industry thanks to her mother’s encouragement. At the time, Tracy was a single mom with a 3 year old child. Starting at Aussie Home Loans, she quickly made her mark, despite being the only female broker in Queensland. Over the years, Tracy’s career has flourished, and now, her daughter, has also joined the family business before taking a break to be a mum herself.

Tracy’s vast experience with different types of clients allows her to offer tailored advice on property investment. One of her key points was understanding “lazy equity.” For instance, if a client has a property valued at $500,000 and owes $300,000, they have $200,000 in equity that can be leveraged to buy another property. This not only helps in wealth creation for the client but also expands the property manager’s portfolio.

Refinancing can be a game-changer in the property market. Tracy emphasises that clients don’t always need to switch banks to get a better rate. Often, a simple rate review request to their existing bank can lower their interest rate. If the bank refuses to budge, then exploring other options becomes necessary. Understanding the difference between interest-only and principal and interest (P&I) repayments is crucial. 

An interesting trend Tracy highlights is the rise of “rentvestors” – first-time buyers who purchase investment properties while renting their own residences. This strategy allows individuals to enter the property market despite high living costs in desirable areas. Tracy mentions that understanding this market can provide property managers with opportunities to forge better relationships with their clients.

Credit health is vital when applying for a mortgage. Tracy points out that many clients are unaware of how their spending habits, such as using buy-now-pay-later services, can impact their credit scores. Regularly checking and maintaining a good credit score is essential. For her clients, Tracy conducts a soft-touch credit report, ensuring no impact on their credit file while gaining insights into their financial standing.

Tracy advises potential investors to manage their living expenses prudently and prepare their finances meticulously. The lending landscape now requires thorough scrutiny of a client’s expenses, including health and life insurance, which are factored into the bank’s assessment.

Tracy’s insights provide a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in property investment and mortgage brokerage. Her journey from a novice to an industry expert is a testament to her resilience and expertise. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or a property manager looking to expand your portfolio, Tracy’s advice on leveraging equity, understanding credit health, and navigating refinancing can help you achieve your financial goals.

For those in the property management space, embracing the role of investor educators and understanding the intricacies of property finance can open new avenues for growth and success. Tracy’s journey is a reminder that with the right guidance and determination, the dream of property investment and wealth creation is within reach for everyone.


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