How to Become a Holistic Investor Educator With Tracy Kearey

Understanding the core concepts of mortgages, finance, and interest rates is essential for aspiring investors but it’s also essential for us as Property Managers. Having an understanding of our clients wealth journey can potentially provide us more business and the opportunity to promote our services as a holistic investor educator. In this episode we teach you exactly that – how to position yourself as an investor educator and how to have that conversation with your clients about interest rates and equity in their investment. 

I chat with Tracy Kearey, an award winning finance and mortgage broker with 25 years experience. With access to over 45+ banks and lenders, she is able to provide her clients with an extensive range of loan products and services which she tailor’s to each of her client’s borrowing needs.

“Even with a first-time buyer that’s renting, they may never think they can buy a home to live in, but they could definitely buy an investment property. So understanding your market and who your clients are and who your property manager’s clients are will actually help create that better relationship with your client.“

Tracy Kearey

In this episode we explore:

  • Tracy’s Journey into Mortgage Brokering
  • Understanding Investment Mortgages and Wealth Creation
  • The Importance of Equity and Refinancing
  • Navigating the Current Finance Market
  • Advice for Aspiring Property Investors
  • Personal Development and Mentorship Insights


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