How to be Limitless in Real Estate

Have you ever wondered if there’s a limit to what you can do? Have you experienced being at the lowest point in your life? Like so many of our stories, Hayley Van de Ven came from a point where she was utterly broken and wanted to give up! Yet, she found the strength and courage to pick herself up and move forward. Now, Hayley leads multiple businesses and teams across the country while raising two kids. So how does she manage to juggle her personal and professional life? Stick around as she shares her secrets in today’s candid conversation. 

With nearly two decades worth of property management experience and running one of the country’s most elite real estate teams, Hayley is an agent growth specialist and proud director of the highly awarded and #1 Ranked RE/MAX office in the country, RE/MAX Results. Hayley is known for her positive and interactive leadership style. She enjoys helping agents with negotiation, training, and upskilling. Her infectious energy and dedication to helping her team grow have seen over 3000 property sales transacted across the Queensland property market under her guidance. 

“It’s okay to make mistakes because everybody makes them. What’s not okay is not learning from them.”Hayley Van de Ven

In This Episode:

– Meet Hayley Van de Ven, a prominent real estate thought leader.

– What is the secret to running multiple award-winning businesses while juggling family life?

– What tools can you use to pull yourself back up in the event of burnout?

– Why did Hayley join a big brand agency, and why RE/MAX?

– What are the top 3 benefits of going the agency route?

– Hayley shares her systems and processes to seamlessly manage different locations and diverse teams.

– Self-care tips and action items from today’s episode.


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