How to Be Less Stressed and More Successful With Mark Goudie

Have you been affected by stress or experienced anxiety in your life or in the workplace?

In this open and illuminating conversation from one of my previous masterclasses, I chat with Mark Goudie from ‘A Conscious State.’ Mark illuminates the path of healing for numerous individuals grappling with trauma. His innate gift for fostering self-awareness and nurturing effective communication has empowered countless souls to embark on transformative journeys of inner growth.

“The more stressed we are, the more stressed we become. Our behaviors actually create more stress through actions, which affect our bodies in a way that generates more stress. So, it’s really interesting in a way that, by human nature, we are actually creating a lot of that stress ourselves, with no real clear plan on how to resolve that stress. “

Mark Goudie

In this episode we explore:

  • Mark’s personal journey with deep stress and anxiety throughout his career, how it has affected his life and the personal growth he has gone through
  • How deep stress triggered him to explore stress management and create his business
  • Understanding stress and its impact and how stress can form in many different ways
  • Stress in Property Management and how to incorporate a stress plan
  • How stress can impact our bodies
  • Stress relief exercise to support you working out what the background stress is


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