“A few reasons why you should consider using social media for your business. Social media can reduce your overall marketing costs. It offers better customer service because it’s more one-on-one and you can get to know their personality better. Social media is a great way to display your business’s personality as well. You can show behind the scenes information about you, your employees, your workspace, and so much more. So let me take you back a little bit to where I first started. So in 2019, after suffering a heart condition, my mission to help property managers and business owners find an easier way to do property management was born, I started that property mom as a blog and sharing free resources. Then as I learned more about growing an online business, I evolved into online courses coaching and now a popular membership PM Accelerate. Now, chances are pre 2019, no one in the industry would’ve known who I was. That property mum was entirely built using online marketing strategies. And let me share a few of them with you just in case you are curious. So, the SEO was a critical element. Then I consistently posted on social media with relevant and valuable content and finally I added Facebook ads into the equation. Now those three elements alone allowed me to create a six figure business. Now, on average, my social media account reaches between 25 to 35,000 thousand people every month. I’m consistently generating new leads, growing my following, and generating more income off the back of my social media presence. And I’m not that special. I’m not that creative, I’m not that unique. But the one thing that I have done really well when it comes to social media is to be showing up consistently five to six times every single week. And I share real relatable and valuable content. I never post just for the sake of posting. And let me just touch on another quick point here. Yes, chat. GPT is amazing, especially when it comes to helping with the caption writing process. But chat GPT will never replace the value of storytelling. And your social media should always be telling your story and sharing your unique message. Ultimately, that is how you connect with your audience. Now following on from that property mum, we launched Done for You social media last year. We saw a gap in the market helping property management business owners grow using social media. Everyone I was speaking with kept telling me that they didn’t have time for social media, so we started helping them with their social media content so they could do what they did best in the business. And this was one less job that they had to worry about amongst all the other things on their to-do list every single day and week. Now we have now branched out to help clients in other industries including hair, beauty, e-commerce, coaching, and even car tinting. But the core of our clients are still in the real estate space. Now, I invited my small but mighty team to talk all things social media and why you should be prioritizing it as part of your marketing strategy.”



“Thank you, Kylie, for having us on your podcast today. I am Charli and we do done for social media. It is a social media marketing business and we saw a gap in the market and that’s where we started our business. And I’m Bella and I started out as dental assistant and then I did that for a few months and Kylie reached out and asked if I wanted to join her in a team and do that property mum and their marketing. So, I’ve been with Kylie for three years now.”



“Well, 21.3 million or 81% of the population are on social media right now. And over 50% of social media use social media to research products before making a purchase. And this highlights the importance of having a strong social media presence for businesses. A few reasons why you should consider using social media for your business. Social media can reduce your overall marketing costs. It offers better customer service because it’s more one-on-one and you can get to know their personality better. Social media is a great way to display your business’ personality as well. You can show behind the scenes information about you, your employees, your workspace, and so much more. It makes yourself visible oftentimes. And if you are not active on the various social media platforms out there, customers forget you exist and begin communicating with your competitors. And lastly, it builds loyalty and trust, allowing your customers to share their stories about their experience with your small business on social media.”



“So, that just depends on where your ideal clients are. The most popular social media platforms for your business is Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube. And there’s plenty of others out there like LinkedIn and TikTok. TikTok is the fastest growing platform now, which is very good with video content and just getting your brand out there. For our real estate clients, Instagram we use a lot and there’s heaps of views on there, although we do have a tinting business and we noticed that Facebook is where their market is, they have about a thousand or something followers and each week it just goes up and up. Although we do have them on Instagram as well and they don’t seem to get as many views although they still get views. It’s just we noticed Facebook is where their target audience is. And so just touching off what Charlie’s just said on Instagram reels, they’re getting a lot of views and it’s doing very well, we also post their reels on Facebook, but we’re finding on Instagram that the views are a lot higher. And I guess each business we have, it does depend on where their ideal client is. So most of our real estate agents are on Instagram. Yeah, it is close with Facebook as it is between the age of 25 to 40 around that where people are buying and wanting to rent houses. But yeah, we’re definitely finding reels are doing really well at the moment.”


“Our carousel posts. So that’s pretty much just multiple posts in one and we are finding that’s doing a lot better than your typical static posts. The algorithm is tricked into thinking that it is a reel, so it does get exposed to a wider audience. Even what we find with the agencies that we manage their social media for showing more of a personal side to them. So whether we are showing them the reels to make and they’re just being a bit goofy and having fun, we noticed that those reels do a lot better than the serious ones about, it’s always good to talk about your business, but just to show that you have a fun side and you’re not always so serious all the time. So just showing that personal side of you and not just business. I think also the personal static posts when you’ve got pictures with your kids or your dogs or having a coffee or a cocktail, those personal posts do perform really well as well across the board. I have noticed when I’m tracking my metrics as well. So I think that’s really good content to be sharing with people about what’s working and what’s not working in terms of posts.”


“So we have various packages in our Done for you social media and basically we start with a discovery call to see where you want to improve in your business. So whether that’s posting more consistently, getting your brand out there or if you want to find more business. So, we start with a discovery call, to see what’s working, what’s not working, and then we send out our packages and they kind of choose which one they want to start with. We do have a 30 day free social media package that we are running at the moment and we also have a 30 reels freebie guide. And so with the Reels guide it’s pretty much as ideas board where we put down 30 different reels ideas that you can use for 30 days and there’s a bunch of them such as, meet the team or showing your office doing some fun personality ones. And yeah, there’s a whole bunch of different ideas that you could get with that 30 days of reels. And then with the done for your socials, if you do decide to work with us, we start with creatives. We have a brand board and aesthetic that we will initially make for you if you don’t already have a brand board. And we will just smash out a whole heap of content we like to do about six weeks in advance and we use the app Trello and, which they’re lifesavers. So with the Trello we sign you up as well so we can all see it’s a shared board and we put all your content in there, however many days you want to post five to six times a week and we put your photo in or your carousel or your reel with the caption, we add hashtags and emojis for you as well. And then you just have to go in and approve it so we know that we can schedule that on and then that’ll post automatically for you. And yeah, if we do that six weeks in advance and you don’t have to worry about a single thing and that’s why it is called done for you because we do everything for you so you don’t need to worry about a thing. I think another important thing to highlight is that all the client commitment is really just a once a month meeting where we go over your metrics from the month before so that we can continue posting content that’s tracking really well. And then we plan out the strategy for the next 30 days or six weeks. And it’s a really low time input from clients and it’s a really big outcome. We’ve got a lot of clients that are seeing some great results with the more consistent that they’re posting. One client in particular, and I don’t think she’ll mind if we mention her here, Marsha from Blue Chip Rentals, she has seen a huge improvement in her business in terms of exposure, brand awareness. She’s getting a lot more leads coming into her business now because they’ve seen her all over social media. And I think another thing that I think we should highlight as well is that for locally based businesses in Southeast Queensland, we actually go and work with them on site with the clients.”


“Yeah, so pretty much we will come out to you or we book in a studio day. So we let you choose whether you want professional photos done and at a studio, or if you’d prefer us to come out to your office and film around where you get your work done. Pretty much if we’re coming to you, we’ll bring our equipment. We have a tripod and microphones that we use for creating the reels and we’ll set that up. We’ll show you our reels guide and we’ll also show you a few videos examples so you can kind of get the feel of it. And then we’ll just start filming. And then if you want to book in a studio shoot, we do recommend them. We like to incorporate professional photos. But yeah, we basically book out the studio for about four hours and just get some professional photos done and we also film behind the scenes. So that is another bit of content that we can add in, not just the professional photos. Yes, we do the photo shoot but we do the behind the scenes and then we will pull you aside after the professional photos are done and we’ll film some reels just so we can batch out a whole heap of content in one day. And we don’t have to keep coming to you and you know, using up your time as well. And the reel content that we have shot for clients recently is tracking really well across the board for all of our clients. And it’s a really, super quick and easy way to get in and batch out a whole heap of content because content is where it is on social media and marketing businesses these days.”


“Yeah, so like we mentioned before with the 30 days of Reels Guide, we would definitely recommend that as it’s a great resource that you can implement into your business, and it gives you amazing ideas for reels and videos. As we said, they’re doing amazing right now and that is the number one thing going on and getting your brand exposed. Another thing is as well, that Charlie’s mentioned earlier about the one-month free social media management where we’ll do your whole social media management for a month or 30 days and get that out there so you can get a feel of how we work and see how easy it is if you do work with us Because consistency in social media is so important these days. If you’re not posting every day, you don’t get that brand awareness. So we host every single day for you, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.”


“You can head to our Instagram, which is “done for you socials” and you can go to our bio and there’s a link in the bio where you can book in a discovery call with our team and just to find out more about what we do and how you can start working with you.”


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