How a Savvy Investor Became a Property Management Business Owner With Nicki Smith

If you’re considering planning your growth strategies for the next year, then this episode is for you!

Growth is something we all desire, and at different times, we all face challenges with it. When starting out, it can be particularly challenging to think about how to bring in more management, which can lead to stress or self-doubt.

In this episode, we speak with Nicki Smith, a self-managing landlord and property investor who assists other landlords in ensuring that all aspects of property and tenant management are completed to the highest level, ensuring compliance with the RTA and Healthy Homes Act.

“So, one of the things I prioritize the most is caring for my tenants, and I provide them with a house manual. When they move in, I conduct an entry inspection, not only inspecting the home but also walking them through it. I explain where they can turn off the water mains in case of a flood or water leak.”

Nicki Smith

In this episode we explore:

  • How she got into the Real Estate industry and became a property investor
  • Her inspirational experiences and the momentum she has experienced in her business from winning her award
  • Her growth strategies to support you with growth in business
  • Her work life balance with her family and in business
  • How she has used a coach to help her with her health and support her with various life elements


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