Developing High-Performing Property Management Teams with Julie Davis

If you’ve experienced a revolving door of team members in your business, you’re not alone. The real estate industry, especially property management, is notorious for high turnover. The reasons are the lack of training and support, poor systems and procedures, and the biggest one is choosing the wrong person for the job. So how do you overcome this challenge and stop wasting time and money and destroying company culture? There is a solution you’ll be happy to hear. 

In today’s episode of The Property Management Podcast, Kylie chats with Julie Davis, an Accredited Performance Consultant, Master NLP Practitioner, and Coach. She is an expert at building relationships, connecting people, being intuitive, and inspiring others to be their best. Julie also hosts a weekly video and podcast series called Align Amplify Activate.

If you need help picking the right people for your property management business, take a listen. 

“If you’re doing something that you love that is easy, something that you’re passionate about, and you’re skilled, it makes everything a joy.”

– Julie Davis

In This Episode:

– Meet Julie Davis, Performance Consultant, and Team Alignment Coach

– The impact of high team member turnover on businesses

– Picking the right people for the right roles and proper onboarding

– A unique team profiling methodology that measures individual flow and natural energy

– What is flow?

– How your energy affects the way you do business

– What should a jobseeker look for in the company they want to work for?

– How can a business owner build a high-performing team?

– Julie’s favorite resources for personal development

And more!!!


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