Growth Starts With You First – PM Mastery Bootcamp 2024

This is a special episode where I share an insight into a PM Mastery Bootcamp session.

We have guest Hermione Gardiner, a mindset and business coach who specialises in the property management industry, sharing her expertise on the importance of mindset in achieve success in both business and life. Hermione offers practical strategies for overcoming common obstacles such as burnout, conflict, and overwhelm in the property management field and the critical role of mindset in handling day-to-day challenges and achieving long-term goals.

“I think the most important and the most powerful thing to understand all around attitude, perspective, beliefs, all of those beautiful answers that you’ve given is the biggest thing that shifted and changed in my world and has made the biggest change in results for me and my clients is that our mindset is never fixed.”

Hermione Gardiner

In this episode we explore:

  • The Power of Mindset in Business and Life      
  • Understanding Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
  • Practical Steps to Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Self Awareness is a Pulse Check  
  • Weekly Reflection
  • Living Life with Intention and Setting Goals
  • Mindset Shifts for Achieving Goals


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