There’s an old saying if you try to market to everyone you attract no one. That is the case when it comes to marketing your property management business. You can waste a lot of time and money trying to attract the wrong clients into your business, but if you actually spent a bit of time and worked out who you actually wanted to work with, well it could just be a growth game changer, and we all could use that right now couldn’t we. Anyone that has sat in on any of my trainings will know that I harp on a lot about this topic but knowing who you want to attract into your business and work with is crucial to long term success.

Why do you need to know your ideal client?

1. Allows you to advertise, market and prospect to them in the right places – There’s no point advertising to people on Facebook if they mainly hang out on Instagram or vice versa.

2. Allows you to speak their language.

3. You have a better chance of attracting them with your branding and messaging.

Who are your ideal clients?

Brainstorm now. Grab a pen and paper and let’s dive deep. You might have more than one ideal client and that is ok too, but let’s start with one at a time You can download a worksheet I created to help you identify your ideal client or clients. You can even come up with a name for them like Avatar 1 or Mr & Mrs Business.

1. What are their demographics

– age, race, ethnicity, gender, marital status ar they married, single or have kids, income, education, and employment.


– Where do they live (are they local, interstate, overseas)?

– What social platforms do they use (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, YouTube)?

– Where would you find them locally (Chamber of commerce, sports clubs, schools)?

– Where would you find them elsewhere (wealth creation groups, buyers agents, builders, developers, networking events like BNI)?

3. What do they like to do?

Interests – what sporting teams do they follow, which newspapers or magazines are they likely to read, what tv shows do they watch

Hobbies – old cars, antiques, gardening, sports

4. What do they dislike?

– Maybe its politics or a particular party, this is a tough question, you might need to find someone and ask them some questions to help identify these issues.


Personally – generally speaking, time poor

Professionally – generally speaking more Investment income, need more property, can’t sell

Property Management –communication, customer service, high vacancy

6. Who is your ideal client, name them.

– Are they Mum and Dad investors who own businesses and live outside your local areas.

– Are they interstate investors who work in corporate jobs and struggle with the high turnover of property managers and a dissatisfied with the communication and customer service levels of agencies

– Are they developers or builders who sell off plans to investors


Another important thing you want to unlock about your potential clients is their false beliefs or misconceptions about what you offer. Or in other words what would stop someone from working with you?

This is broken up into three key areas:

Vehicle- False beliefs relating to either you/your company or your methodology – Aren’t all property managers bad

Internal – False belief relating to themselves – i.e. limiting beliefs – I’m not smart enough

External – False belief relating to their circumstances – time, money, resources – I don’t have time to change property managers.

A great way to work out the inner workings of your ideal client is to survey your existing clients .. what do they like or dislike, why did they change over to you or choose you … the more details you can discover about your existing clients you will be able to attract more just like them, the more ideal clients in my world the better.

Once you have a clear picture of your ideal client/s this will help you in the following ways:

You will know where to target them

You will know what content to create for them – because you will be able to address or find solutions to their pain points

You will connect with them because you will speak their language – this will help when it comes to nurturing them

You will generate more leads because you are consciously trying to attract the right client – remember not everyone is your client

Ultimately You will win more business because you aren’t wasting your time and energy on the wrong people for your business

So, if you were still wondering – KNOWING YOUR IDEAL CLIENT (OR CLIENTS) IS SUPER IMPORTANT! It all plays a huge role in the messaging, content and offers you’ll ultimately make to them. Now go ahead and grab that pen and paper and really work out who the ideal clients are that you want to attract and work with.


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