Christmas Traditions You Can Make Your Own This Festive Season

Ahhh it is the most wonderful time of the year. Who doesn’t love Christmas and all the traditions that come with it. Christmas is one of the most important celebrations for Christians and every year billions of people around the world celebrate in their own unique ways, creating their own unique Christmas traditions. While many people celebrate Christmas on December 25th, it can be celebrated at different times or for longer periods of time depending on where you live in the world. Over 160 countries celebrate the holiday in some form. While some traditions are religious in nature, such as attending church, others are less formal in nature and might include decorating Christmas trees, watching themed movies, or baking cookies for loved ones. For some families the traditions are passed down and carried on from one generation to the next. For others they simply come up with their own. Whether you love or loath Christmas traditions, what it all comes down to is getting into the festive spirit and enjoying the time with loved ones.

Here’s a few traditions you can make your own this festive season.

1.     Decorating the tree

 Set a specific date and gather the family together and make decorating it a celebration. Whether that is the 1st of December or earlier if you can’t wait that long. Nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit like setting up the tree. I love the decorations that the kids make at school, my tree is littered with their DIY ornaments every year.

2.     Christmas Eve Present Ceremony

If you or your children are impatient for Christmas morning then a Christmas eve present ceremony could be in order. This involves opening one present each on Christmas eve. You could tie it in with a special family dinner and drinks.

3.     Christmas Movie Marathon

Nothing beats a TV bing over the holidays, why not make it a Christmas movie marathon. Grab some snacks, crank up the air con, darken the windows and enjoy the thrill of the Christmas movie classics. They never get old.

4.     Christmas Lights Drive-by

 Everyone loves the twinkle of Christmas lights, ordinary houses light up in extraordinary ways. Grab the family and jump in the car for a drive to look at the houses decorated in magnificent ways.

5.     Christmas Sporting Event

Whatever sport your family is into, this could be the time of year you all come together to go to a sporting event. Or create your own backyard game, whether it is cricket, boche, volleyball, tennis or footy, there’s nothing like a game of something to get  everyone bonding and the competitive juices fired up.

 6.     Christmas Games or Puzzle night

Dust off your favourite games or puzzles and get connected. Invite family and friends along and make it a night to remember.  A Christmas puzzle might take longer to do over a several days, but it is a great way to unwind and join the family.

7.    Christmas Cooking

While we all love a good meal, the actual process of baking together is often a family tradition in itself. Making cookies, rum balls, white Christmas or building gingerbread houses falls in line with the holiday spirit that it is better to give than receive. Don’t forget to set a few cookies aside (with a glass of milk) for when Santa pays a visit. Some popular Christmas snacks include:

  • Sugar cookies with intricate decorations

  • Gingerbread men

  • Rum balls

  • Apricot balls

  • White Christmas

8.    Send Christmas Cards or Family Photo

Exchanging greeting cards is still a huge tradition during the holidays. It is a great way to communicate with friends and family and express that you are thinking of them. This year has been a very unusual one, with many of us not venturing too far from home, which means it has likely been a while since some of your more distant friends and family have seen your face. The annual holiday card greeting will be appreciated that much more this year.

9.    Hide an Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on a Shelf phenomenon became a family Christmas tradition close to 15 years ago. It is derived from a children’s story about Santa’s elves watching over children and reporting back to Santa about the good and bad activities of the children observed that day.The tradition has become extremely popular amongst adults and kids, as the Elf hides in a new spot every morning around the house and the kids try to find it. The elves are said to have magical powers derived from being adopted and loved by a child. However, the kids must follow one simple rule and that is to not touch the elf or the elves may lose their magic. If touched, the elves cannot report the children’s Christmas wishes back to Santa.

10. Listen to Christmas Music

Music plays a large role in many Christmas traditions around the world. We listen to holiday favorites with family and friends and have our playlist of favorite songs, such as “O Holy Night,” “Let It Snow,” “Jingle Bells,” and many others.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours this festive season.

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