Burnout is very real in the property management industry, it can feel impossible to balance work and home life along with showing up authentically on your Social Media. 

If you don’t have the correct tools in place, your body can eventually shut down.

 We chat with, Kenslee Oxley who is passionate about all things Real Estate and has been in the industry for over a decade. Kenslee shares her journey into the property space, the mental weight that comes with property management and running a house hold, the practices and tools she put in place to support her be in flow at work and at home and how she believes in being authentic on social media.

Kensley Oxley, known as the “OCD PM” on Instagram, opens up about her path in the property management industry.  Her journey began with a receptionist role, followed by roles as a property manager, reception assistant, and eventually managing larger portfolios. After taking a break Kensley explored a different career path, managing a team of 26 at an outsourcing company. This then lead her to reevaluate and return to property management industry.

Kensley acknowledges the issue of burnout that is prevalent in the property management industry. She shares her own experience, highlighting the physical and mental toll it has taken on her. The fast-paced, high-stress nature of the role of property management led to adrenal fatigue, and she faced health challenges, including a heart condition. Kensley emphasises that burnout is a common struggle among property managers, who often feel overwhelmed in the industry. Her own journey demonstrates that burnout is a serious issue that demands attention.

Kensley opens up about her efforts and the importance of balance between her career and family life. With 3 young children, she sure is busy! And she discusses the challenges and the importance of setting boundaries. Her approach includes being active, consulting with a nutritionist, and ensuring her husband shares responsibilities in family and home life. Establishing a structured routine and seeking support from family members has helped her create a more sustainable work-life balance and she highly recommends implementing this!


Kensley is recognised for her authentic personal branding on social media. Her handle, “OCD PM,” represents her passion for organisation, cleaning, and design. Kensley shares that her content is driven by what interests her at in that moment, sharing her day-to-day life. She shares the importance of authenticity and individuality in building a personal brand and believes that showing the real you, including the ups and downs of life, is more engaging and relatable to others. 

Her advice to property managers looking to build their personal brands is to show the real you!  Authenticity is what makes property managers unique, and it’s the personal touch that differentiates you from others in the industry.

Kensley has been incorporating personal development into her life with 30-minute walks and podcasts and finds value in personal development resources shared by other in the property space.

Her journey in property management, battle with burnout, and commitment to personal branding definitely provides us with inspiration and practical advice for us fellow property managers! Sharing her real self on social media shows the uniqueness that we can bring to the industry. By prioritising self-care within the business and home life –  she has found this supportive to navigate burnout, and continue to create an engaging personal brand.


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